Teaching OT Biz Owners How To...

Write Winning Emails!

Email writing mini course including workshop replay, email templates, and resources.

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You keep hearing the about the power of email marketing.

And if you're like a lot of OT entrepreneurs, you quickly figure out that it's one thing to build an email list.

And an entirely different thing to actually send the emails!!!

Hello Inaction Monster

So your email list goes quiet as you wrestle with finding the right topic and the specifics of putting words to your ideas.

Not to mention, you probably have a little voice in your head planting all sorts of self-doubt.

Asking whether...

your writing is boring or too unprofessional.

you're annoying people or gone too long since the last email.

you're offering the right amount of value.

your emails are working and helping to grow your business.

Have no fear! All of these feelings are normal. And can be defeated.

If you're an OT who wants to write better emails to your list, then this workshop is for you!

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Believe it or not...it's not that scary to write ah-MAZING emails...

when you know what you're doing.

Email marketing is both powerful and intimating.

And with some basics under your belt, you might find yourself loving email marketing.

That cuz email marketing becomes: Fun to write. Fun to see those numbers around open, clicks, and buys go up in real-time.

This training is perfect for any OT who has an email list and wants to build a solid relationship through email marketing that ultimately gets the *right* people to sign up, buy, or click.

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Write Winning Emails!

The step-by-step training dives into the basics of email strategy before teaching you what to write and how to write it.

Truth be told, everything about email marketing can't be covered in 1 hour. So, I'll condense the top things you need to know about writing emails into this training.

Here's What You'll Learn...

Simplified email strategy so you get results without getting paralyzed by doubt.

Understand the anatomy of an email from click-worthy subject lines to the valuable close.

Rock solid structure that makes writing faster (that's flexible for different types of emails).

Interesting themes and topics so you have fresh ideas.

Copywriting tips to make your emails interesting and fun.

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Here's Everything You Get...

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Full Workshop Replay

Together, we will dig into the essentials, top tips, and a proven method for writing really effective marketing emails.

You'll leave feeling inspired to finally email that list you've worked hard to build!

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Digtial Downloads

You'll receive nifty resources designed to cut writing time and boost confidence.


Email Writing Checklist

3 modifiable email templates

Email Topic Prompts


for just $75

Revisit the content again and again.

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My Guarantee!

If you don't gain valueable ideas to write your emails, simply email me withint 30 days of the purchase and I'll refund your money.

Happy past students...

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